One Time Consultation over Mobile

One Time Consultation over Mobile

Call SHIKHA diet for a one time consultation, and get all your queries and curiosities answered personally by Nutritionist Shikha Karnawat.

What Our Customer Say’s

Mohit S. – reduced 21 kgs of weight in 6 months

I suffer from both diabetes and uric acid problems ,there are plenty of people out there with pseudo-expertise just trying to swindle people for money, so I was not particularly keen when my niece told me about SHIKHA diet, , but I thought whatever, id give it a try. It

Smriti J.-reduced 12kgs in 4 months

Great plans! I have a severe Thyroid problem, I have seen such amazing progress quickly and easily, I have been recommending nt. Shikha to all my friends and family, It’s a very great thing as I have gained a lot of social credit from my friends who I have helped

Vaishnavi A.

Great work by shikha mam on getting me ready for my wedding, I had a glowing skin and shiny strong hair just from following what mam told me over in just a few months, by the time of wedding my views were absolutely amazing, clear, soft glowing skin, great body

Rekha C.-reduced 16kg in 4 months

If you want to learn and help take action on the correct information post-pregnancy, no other program is needed Shikha mam is very knowledgeable and empathetic, she explains what’s needed in simple terms and the program is very easy to follow, I have almost reached my pre-pregnancy weights and its

Pricing & Packages

(If you reside outside India, USD rates apply)

For One Person

4 Weeks
Rs. 3,000/-

USD 45

12 Weeks
Rs. 7,500/-

USD 115

24 Weeks
Rs. 13,500/-

USD 200

48 Weeks
Rs. 25,000/

USD 375

For Two Person

(In same family at same kitchen)

4 Weeks
Rs. 5,000/-

USD 75

12 Weeks
Rs. 12,500/-

USD 118

24 Weeks
Rs. 22,500/-

USD 335

48 Weeks
Rs. 42,000/-

USD 625

One Time Consultation over Mobile with Nt. Shikha :Rs. 750 / USD 11 only
Can I up-grade my plan?

Yes! Within the first 15 days of your plan, you may upgrade your plan into any longer plan by paying the balance amount only and avail the discount benefits.
Can the program be put on hold?

Yes! You can put your subscription on hold at any time and continue at any time later. You just need to let us know in advance!

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Get Start with Us:

1. Fill in your details in the form.
2. Chose your plan and duration of the plan.
3. Make a quick payment online.
4. Nt. Shikha will analyze your requirements and body conditions, and will create a customized diet plan for first 7 days.
5. Your plan is sent to you via whattsapp/email. Your queries will be heard and solved.
6. After 7 days Nt. Shikha will analyze your progress and decide your diet plan for the next 7 days, and the process will repeat henceforth.

If they can, so can you.

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