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About Nutritionist Shikha Karnawat

Nutritionist Shikha Karnawat is all about Eat well; Sleep well; No Exercise; Loose/Gain weight by Healthy Diets. She specializes in Home based Indian diets. Her Venture is in the Name of “SHIKHA Diet” having its headquarters in Jaipur and delivering her services all around the globe through internet. In a short period of time, SHIKHA diet has achieved 1000+ clients across India & abroad only from the world of mouth due to the sincere personalized services given to each and every client who opts to takes services from Nt.Shikha!  

Nt. Shikha believes in such a diet that her clients should not ever feel hungry during the program and she is successfully doing the same! She gives her clients all five meals a day including morning tea (hot drink), breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner! In fact she gives so much to eat that sometimes her clients ask her to skip meals from the diet program. She also believes in the philosophy of ‘MANAGING HEALTH BY EATING’

Her Customized Diet Plan are very easy to follow as she does not recommend any medicine, pills, crash diet, fasting or food supplements, as none can replace the food that mother earth blessed us with!

In short, She provides complete Balance diet by which all the nutrition requirements of body get fulfilled and you will get your desired weight. As a result you will also get better Immunity, Stamina, Strength, Skin and Hair. The weight you lose will stay off and not come back once you stop the program.  You will feel lighter and more energetic!