Weight Loss + Special Skin n Hair care

Weight Loss + Special Skin n Hair Care

If you are someone who wishes to reduce weight along with taking care of your skin and hair, this package is for you! You might wonder, how internal nutrition can affect the quality of your skin and hair, but nourishing the body with the right kind of nutrients can prove to be the ultimate solution to all your hair and skin problems!
In today’s modern world, stress, hormonal imbalances, pollution, UV rays, unhealthy lifestyles, junk, and processed foods and the list goes on, could be the biggest enemy to your skin and hair causing it to be dull and dry with acne and blemishes. This is why you need to be on skin and hair-friendly diet where we provide you with diet plans with the correct amount of nutrients and some natural old-age packs to make your skin and hair happy again!
This pack also helps you with weight loss, so you could achieve both your goals at once. Well, this seems to be an absolute deal-breaker to us

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What Our Customer Say’s

Anjali M – 41 years

Honestly, my thoughts before opting for this plan were a little hesitant and dicey. Ok well, the fee isn’t a small amount, especially for a middle man. But I have to say, THIS has turned out to be one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever taken! LOVED IT!! And the

Shikha J – 38 years

This diet reminds me of my grandma. When I was young, she used to suggest me to use this little Ghar ke nuske and I never listened, but here I am haha. The natural face masks and packs that you suggested, worked perfectly for me. This was only a mere

Madhulika K – 29 years

A big thank you to my counselor Vikas and Shikha ma’am. Thank you for making me feel confident yet again in my own selves. I owe this to you. Too grateful. The diet has done wonders for my skin and helped me lose all the extra kilos. Highly recommend.

Asma A – 65 years

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine, that I could regrow my hair at the age of 65!! I had been struggling with my hair for almost a decade now and had almost given up, until I came across your advertisement on FB. This investment with the highest returns

Pricing & Packages

(If you reside outside India, USD rates apply)

For One Person

4 Weeks
Rs. 5,250/-

USD 81

12 Weeks
Rs. 12,750/-

USD 202

Can I upgrade my plan?
Yes! You can upgrade your plan to any longer plan by paying the balance amount and receiving the discount benefits within the first 15 days of your plan.
Can the program be put on hold?
Yes! You can hold your subscription once during the program for upto 4 weeks, at any moment, and resume it at a later date. All you have to do is let us know ahead of time.
Can I pay via Credit or Debit cards?
Yes, you can pay via any Indian or International Credit or Debit Card also.

Get Start with Us:

1. Fill in your contact details in the form.
2. Chose your plan and the duration of the plan.
3. Make a quick payment online ( Click here to pay now )
4. We will connect with you via WhatsApp and ask for some details required to evaluate your current body status, your requirements & preferences.
5. Nt. Shikha will analyze your body conditions and requirements and will create a customized diet plan for you for the first 7 days.
6. Your plan is sent to you via WhatsApp/e-mail.
7. You may ask any number of queries during the plan; we believe that effective communication is key to success.

Note:Irrespective of your currency, please enter the amount in US Dollars only. The amount deducted will be equivalent to the value of US Dollars in your currency.

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