Mohit S. – reduced 21 kgs of weight in 6 months

I suffer from both diabetes and uric acid problems ,there are plenty of people out there with pseudo-expertise just trying to swindle people for money, so I was not particularly keen when my niece told me about SHIKHA diet, , but I thought whatever, id give it a try. It

Smriti J.-reduced 12kgs in 4 months

Great plans! I have a severe Thyroid problem, I have seen such amazing progress quickly and easily, I have been recommending nt. Shikha to all my friends and family, It’s a very great thing as I have gained a lot of social credit from my friends who I have helped

Vaishnavi A.

Great work by shikha mam on getting me ready for my wedding, I had a glowing skin and shiny strong hair just from following what mam told me over in just a few months, by the time of wedding my views were absolutely amazing, clear, soft glowing skin, great body

Rekha C.-reduced 16kg in 4 months

If you want to learn and help take action on the correct information post-pregnancy, no other program is needed Shikha mam is very knowledgeable and empathetic, she explains what’s needed in simple terms and the program is very easy to follow, I have almost reached my pre-pregnancy weights and its

Aman Y.-reduced 18 kgs in 4 months

I had problems with chronic obesity and diabetes, I tried and tried many diets and exercise routines repeatedly but failed due to the fact that they were complex and very hard to follow up on, I was very depressed as all my colleagues used to tease me ,I had almost

Lavleen S.-reduced 14 kgs in 4 months

I am very grateful to SHIKHA diet. I was convinced that my weight was due to bad genes since no matter what I tried failed, unable to shake the weight I had excepted that there was something wrong with me genetically, but Shikha ji and her team proved me wrong,

Sanjeev K.-reduced 8kgs in 2 months

No other diet will ever be needed, the best out there in this price range delivers a great combination of time tested and the cutting edge new discoveries with great attention to science and evidence-backed ways of dealing with dietary requirements, I am very very impressed, just do it!

Amit P.-reduced 10 kgs in 3 months

I was suffering from Thyroid and high BP ,this diet not only helped me lose weight but also helped me almost cure my medical conditions , I have lost an 10 kgs in just three months, my lifestyle has changed and I have great amounts of energy, all thanks to

Bibek W.-reduced 8kgs in 2 months

I would like to thank Shikha maam from all my heart. She not only helped me lose 8 kgs of weight in 2 months but also changed my outlook towards food! After following this diet for whole 2 months I not only lost weight but also learned about many nutritional

Rathin l.-Gained 10 kgs in 4 months

I have had always been the skinny guy and teased for that in my class, I simply just had trouble eating so much food, the way in which SHIKHA diet made my diet conform to not only standards of weight gain but also simultaneously keeping it healthy and tasty made

Garima G.-Gained 9 kgs in 5 months

It has been a great experience the crew is responsive and erudite, they worked very hard and closely with me to design plans according to my need and desires and helped me reach my goals, the best part is that now I also know how to manage my own diet

Tara C.-gained 11 kilos in 4 months

Simply put, amazing, I have gained 11 kilos of weight in 4 months, the team has been in contact the whole time, quickly responding to whatever situation I find myself in, they made me do nothing that wasn’t quite frankly easy and that has made my life so much better,

George X.-gained 12 kgs in 5 months

Usually, everybody described me as a skinny and slender man which made me feel very uncomfortable everywhere I used to go and also I had a very eager wish to gain weight but was unable even after giving several tries to unnumbered diet sayings. One day I got to know

Hema R.-reduced 10kgs in3 months

It has been great, my special day was made even more special by the fact that I was in the best shape of my life and my beauty was looking great all with no supplements and pills, as Shikha mam has taught me being healthy isn’t about starving or expensive

Gurmeet K.-reduced 8kgs in 2 months

Shiikha mam helped me lose great amounts of weight i.e. 8 kg in 2 months. I was looking and feeling great on the days of celebration, even after the marriage I maintained that lifestyle cause it was so easy and I had gained all the relevant knowledge, I am very

Trisha J.- reduced 11 kgs in 4 months

As its everyone’s dream to wear their dream dress, look the best, have a glowing skin, look slim and fit, so was mine but I was disheartened cause due to my obese weight I would not be able to fulfill my dream but then I found this amazing diet planner

Raani P.

“Glowing skin and hair” is a phrase that can bring happiness in anybody’s life no matter girl or boy or young or old! Everybody wishes to have glowing skin and hair and I wanted the same. I had very rough and damaged hair and very unsmooth skin but SHIKHA diet

Roshini J.

Very pleased with Team Shikha and Shikha maam! IT was my sister’s wedding before I took up this diet plan and in my sister’s wedding, to be honest, I was busier in receiving compliments and comments from people which made me super happy! My skin and hair were glowing like

Rajni L.- 12 kgs in 4 months

I came to SHIKHA diet 2 months after giving birth to my lovely daughter but they told me to wait since they never risk any health repercussions and always start after 4 months, from then onwards the care and empathy as well as the competence they had towards meeting all

Dhriti Z.-24kgs in 7 months

Shikha is great! I had a late pregnancy and came for post-delivery advice to SHIKHA diet, the team is very well informed and responsive, they helped me understand what I needed to go to reach my personal goals specially customized as they evolved, it has been a very positive experience

Aroma G.-reduced 15 kgs in 5 months

I desperately started searching for solutions when my favorite jeans stopped fitting due to post-pregnancy weight gains, Shikha has been an absolute darling, she helped me throughout the process with empathy and care, with such immense knowledge and personal attention, I feel very thankful to her for making me reach

Gaurav S, Age-38 years

Realised what real fitness is
I considered myself fit but now I realise what real fitness feels like, I have lots and lots of energy and vitality, I feel happier and full of life, thanks to team ShikhaDiet. Highly recommend you apply now!

"Gaurav S, Age-38 years"

Manju J, Age-67 years

Beat her lethargy and boosted her energy
Thanks to Sikha Ma’am and her dedicated team especially Mr Anuj for making my life more
enjoyable and liveable. Since last three years I used to feel drowsy everyday and no internal energy
to work,then fortunately I came in touch

"Manju J, Age-67 years"

Amarjeet A, Age-73 years

Regained youthfulness
Came to know about ShikhaDiet through an old army friend of mine, he was constantly talking about
how she helped him lose weight, since I was already fit I didn’t really thought much of at that time,
then one of my other friends told me

"Amarjeet A, Age-73 years"

Vaani K, Age-54 years

Improved gut health as a bonus
I was always healthy but I wanted to make sure that as I aged I remained healthy, I came across
SikhaDiet by a reference given to me by my friend, and enrolled in the program. In last three
months, I only

"Vaani K, Age-54 years"

Anjali M – 41 years

Honestly, my thoughts before opting for this plan were a little hesitant and dicey. Ok well, the fee isn’t a small amount, especially for a middle man. But I have to say, THIS has turned out to be one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever taken! LOVED IT!! And the

Shikha J – 38 years

This diet reminds me of my grandma. When I was young, she used to suggest me to use this little Ghar ke nuske and I never listened, but here I am haha. The natural face masks and packs that you suggested, worked perfectly for me. This was only a mere

Madhulika K – 29 years

A big thank you to my counselor Vikas and Shikha ma’am. Thank you for making me feel confident yet again in my own selves. I owe this to you. Too grateful. The diet has done wonders for my skin and helped me lose all the extra kilos. Highly recommend.

Asma A – 65 years

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine, that I could regrow my hair at the age of 65!! I had been struggling with my hair for almost a decade now and had almost given up, until I came across your advertisement on FB. This investment with the highest returns