Skin/Hair Care

Skin/Hair Care

If your skin and hair are not up to your desired goals, if you want a program that is ready to be implemented and give you all the rewards of decades of science and evidence based research, if you want glowing skin and shiny hair that make heads turn, then enroll in SHIKHA diets hair and skin care program and unlock the secrets of nutrition and diet that will completely meet all your hair and skin  care needs.

The program is completely natural and home based, without any harmful and artificial products, you will enjoy a glowing skin and hair.

What Our Customer Say’s

Raani P.

“Glowing skin and hair” is a phrase that can bring happiness in anybody’s life no matter girl or boy or young or old! Everybody wishes to have glowing skin and hair and I wanted the same. I had very rough and damaged hair and very unsmooth skin but SHIKHA diet

Roshini J.

Very pleased with Team Shikha and Shikha maam! IT was my sister’s wedding before I took up this diet plan and in my sister’s wedding, to be honest, I was busier in receiving compliments and comments from people which made me super happy! My skin and hair were glowing like

Pricing & Packages

(If you reside outside India, USD rates apply)

For One Person

4 Weeks
Rs. 3,500/-

USD 54

12 Weeks
Rs. 8,500/-

USD 135

24 Weeks
Rs. 15,000/-

USD 235

48 Weeks
Rs. 25,000/

USD 375

For Two Person

(In same family at same kitchen)

4 Weeks
Rs. 5,800/-

USD 90

12 Weeks
Rs. 14,000/-

USD 220

24 Weeks
Rs. 24,000/-

USD 380

48 Weeks
Rs. 42,000/-

USD 630

Can I upgrade my plan?
Yes! You can upgrade your plan to any longer plan by paying the balance amount and receiving the discount benefits within the first 15 days of your plan.
Can the program be put on hold?
Yes! You can hold your subscription once during the program for upto 4 weeks, at any moment, and resume it at a later date. All you have to do is let us know ahead of time.
Can I pay via Credit or Debit cards?
Yes, you can pay via any Indian or International Credit or Debit Card also.

Get Start with Us:

1. Fill in your contact details in the form.
2. Chose your plan and the duration of the plan.
3. Make a quick payment online ( Click here to pay now )
4. We will connect with you via WhatsApp and ask for some details required to evaluate your current body status, your requirements & preferences.
5. Nt. Shikha will analyze your body conditions and requirements and will create a customized diet plan for you for the first 7 days.
6. Your plan is sent to you via WhatsApp/e-mail.
7. You may ask any number of queries during the plan; we believe that effective communication is key to success.

Note:Irrespective of your currency, please enter the amount in US Dollars only. The amount deducted will be equivalent to the value of US Dollars in your currency.

Other Payment Options



Google Pay






You can also make payment through net banking/ RTGS/ NEFT/ IMPS or make a cash
deposit in any branch of ICICI Bank. Bank Account details mentioned below.

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