Brown Rice Flour Dosa

It is a low calorie snack option, very easy to make and can take in Snack Option.

Calories 240

1 person


1. Brown Rice- 1/2 Cup
2. Parboiled Rice- 1/4 Cup
3. Moong Dal- 1/2 Cup
4. Salt- To Taste
5. Sesame seed oil as Required


1. Wash both the rice variants together two or three times. Soak the rice for about 8 to 10 hours or overnight.
2. Wash the moong dal thoroughly Wash fenugreek seeds and soak them with moong dal for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.
3. Grind moong dal with fenugreek seeds until light and fluffy, adding a little water at a time. Transfer to a deep vessel and keep aside.
4. Grind soaked rice variants until smooth.
5. Mix moong dal batter to rice and add salt as desired.
6. Transfer to a vessel and keep aside for the batter to ferment for about 8 hours.
7. Place a nonstick skillet on medium to high heat and coat it with a little sesame seed oil.
8. Pour about 1/8 cups of dosa batter on the tava using a ladle and spread the batter into concentric circles.
9. Add about Ā½ tsp oil and wait until the bottom portion gets cooked.
10. Flip over to the other side and add more oil if required. Wait for a couple of minutes.
11. Flip once more and fold the dosa.