Pineapple Cherry Orange Kiwi Tropical Salad

Pineapple is rich in B vitamins and is great for digestive health since it contains essential enzymes.

Cherries contain anthocyanins which are powerful antioxidants.

Oranges are rich in beta

Calories 173

1 person


1. Pineapple: 60 grams
2. Cherries: 80 grams
3. Oranges: 200 grams
4. Kiwi : 1


1. Take pineapple pieces and transfer to a glass bowl.
2. Add deseeded red cherries to the bowl.
3. Cut an orange and kiwi and remove the peel. Slice the orange and kiwi to get thin circular slices. Arrange these slices on the sides of the glass bowl. Garnish with fresh mint leaves. Your tropical salad is ready to eat.