StayFit StayHealthy forever

StayFit StayHealthy forever

This service is for you if you feel you are already Fit and want to remain Fit forever and want to make the switch to healthy eating or if you want to maintain your weight but aren’t sure what to eat, when to eat, how much to consume, and so on.

Aside from that, if you have acid reflux, constipation, or other digestive problems, this service can help.

Diet plans will help you learn and incorporate healthy food into your daily routine and stay in shape. Every week, you will be given a range of dietary plans to discover what is beneficial for your body and what is not.

You will be amazed at how small changes can bring big differences to your life. Of-course the diet plans are so simple to follow that they will become a part of your lifestyle

What Our Customer Say’s

Realised what real fitness is
I considered myself fit but now I realise what real fitness feels like, I have lots and lots of energy and vitality, I feel happier and full of life, thanks to team ShikhaDiet. Highly recommend you apply now!

"Gaurav S, Age-38 years"

Beat her lethargy and boosted her energy
Thanks to Sikha Ma’am and her dedicated team especially Mr Anuj for making my life more
enjoyable and liveable. Since last three years I used to feel drowsy everyday and no internal energy
to work,then fortunately I came in touch

"Manju J, Age-67 years"

Regained youthfulness
Came to know about ShikhaDiet through an old army friend of mine, he was constantly talking about
how she helped him lose weight, since I was already fit I didn’t really thought much of at that time,
then one of my other friends told me

"Amarjeet A, Age-73 years"

Improved gut health as a bonus
I was always healthy but I wanted to make sure that as I aged I remained healthy, I came across
SikhaDiet by a reference given to me by my friend, and enrolled in the program. In last three
months, I only

"Vaani K, Age-54 years"

Pricing & Packages

(If you reside outside India, USD rates apply)

For One Person

4 Weeks
Rs. 3,000/-

USD 45

12 Weeks
Rs. 7,500/-

USD 115

24 Weeks
Rs. 13,500/-

USD 200

48 Weeks
Rs. 25,000/

USD 375

For Two Person

(In same family at same kitchen)

4 Weeks
Rs. 5,000/-

USD 75

12 Weeks
Rs. 12,500/-

USD 188

24 Weeks
Rs. 22,500/-

USD 335

48 Weeks
Rs. 42,000/-

USD 625

One Time Consultation over Mobile with Nt. Shikha :Rs. 750 / USD 11 only
Can I up-grade my plan?

Yes! Within the first 15 days of your plan, you may upgrade your plan into any longer plan by paying the balance amount only and avail the discount benefits.
Can the program be put on hold?

Yes! You can put your subscription on hold at any time and continue at any time later. You just need to let us know in advance!

Get Start with Us:

1. Fill in your contact details in the form.
2. Chose your plan and the duration of the plan.
3. Make a quick payment online
4. We will connect with you via WhatsApp and ask for some details required to evaluate your current body status, your requirements & preferences.
5. Nt. Shikha will analyze your body conditions and requirements and will create a customized diet plan for you for the first 7 days.
6. Your plan is sent to you via WhatsApp/e-mail.
7. You may ask any number of queries during the plan; we believe that effective communication is key to success.
8. After 7 days Nt. Shikha will analyze your progress and decide your diet plan for the next 7 days, and the process will repeat henceforth.

Other Payment Options



Google Pay






You can also make payment through net banking/ RTGS/ NEFT/ IMPS or make a cash
deposit in any branch of ICICI Bank. Bank Account details mentioned below.

If they can, so can you.

Creating diet plans that lead to lifestyle changing experiences

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