Sprout Chaat

Sprouts, one of the best foods if you are looking for weight loss, as it has fewer calories which help to keep your weight under control.


1 cup – moong  ,moth ,black channa (whole)
2. one   Potato
3. one   Tomato
4. one   Onion
5. Green chilies
6. One   Lemon
7. One  Cucumber
8. salt to taste
9.  1/2 tsp – chili powder
10. half tsp – pepper
11. 1/2 tsp – kala namak
12. half tsp – Jeera powder.
13. Coriander leaves 


1. Wash and soak the moong, moth ,channa Remove water and put the soaked beans in a shallow container.
2. Cover it and leave for 24 hrs in winter and 10-12 hours in summer.
3. Cut boiled potatoes into small pieces.
4. Cut onion, tomatoes, cucumber, dhania and green chilies into small pieces.
5. Mix all vegetables together with sprouts and masalas.
6. Sprinkle lemon juice
7. Cool and serve.