11 Food Tips to Prevent Hair Fall

Hair Fall

The health of our hair is mostly an inside out approach. Major hair fall may be a sign of
underlying nutrient deficiency.

Here are some dietary tips for healthy hair and healthy you:-

1) Adequate Levels of Vitamin B7:

Also known as Biotin, it helps in creating important enzymes for healthy hair and a healthy metabolism. Biotin reduces the breakage of hair and in turn, promotes hair growth. Cauliflower, carrot, sweet potatoes, eggs, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts dairy products are some good sources of vitamin B7.

2) Curry Leaves:

It’s a rich source of beta-carotene, proteins, iron, calcium, Vitamin C, and phosphorus. Not only do curry leaves prevent hair fall, but they also impede premature greying.

3) Bean Sprouts:

They contain silica, which is extremely important to absorb vitamins and minerals. Bean sprouts are also very high in folate, which is important to increase hair growth and reduce hair fall.

4) Beetroot:

Beetroot is an amazing root vegetable and has the capacity to boost blood circulation towards the scalp, thanks to the presence of nitric oxide which acts as a vasodilator. It also helps in fighting free radical damage by providing antioxidant support. Oxidative stress is one of the primary causes of hair fall.

5) Asparagus:

Asparagus is rich in folic acid, which is a kind of Vitamin B helping the body absorb more proteins. This, in turn, helps hair to grow faster and prevents it from falling.

6) Protein-rich food:

Keratin, a protein, is the key structural material that our hair is made up of. The combination of rice and lentils is a perfect source of protein and can do wonders for hair. Other sources of protein-rich foods are nuts, seeds, amaranth flour, organic and hormone-free eggs, paneer, tofu, chicken, and fish.

7) Avocados:

Avocados are rich in Vitamins B and C, which help to stimulate the hair follicle and prevents hair fall. They also contain monosaturated fats that help to moisturize the scalp and keep the hair naturally conditioned and shiny.

8) Iron Rich Food:

One should look at including iron-rich foods such as dates, nuts, and seeds, garden cress seeds, spinach, lentils in their daily diet to prevent hair fall. Iron-rich foods are best consumed when in combination with Vitamin C. For example, sprinkle lemon juice over green leafy vegetable dishes. Another point to make a note of is that caffeine and tannins inhibit iron absorption.

9) Oats:

Oats helps in retaining the original color of the hair and aid in creating melanin. They are also packed with magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron, and a number of other nutrients, which help to boost hair growth.

10) Onion:

Onion contains catalase. Catalase, an enzyme that not only prevents hair fall but also avoids premature greying. It also is rich in sulfur, is the main ingredient of melanin. Its juice can also be directly applied to hair.

11) Flex Seeds:

Flex seeds are rich in Omega-3 and iron which are very important for a healthy scalp and hair.

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