Crash Diet – Effects on your body and brain


While a CRASH Diet (less than 800 calories in a day) may enable you to lose those additional pounds in time for that time however the outcomes can impact negatively on your body and brain.

Here’s precisely how crash dieting can affect your body and brain:

1. May lessen your metabolic rate

An elevated ability to burn calories is critical to getting more fit, yet crash consuming less calories can really make your metabolic rate lower. Muscle breakdown is a lot more prominent with eating of fewer carbs, instead of a consistent balanced diet. Less muscle diminishes your metabolic rate, which is the quantity of calories you consume while resting and can lead to the outcome of weight increase later on.

2. May impact negatively your immune system

By denying yourself of basic minerals and nutrients you hazard destabilizing your immune system. Furthermore, we as a whole realize that a low immune system makes getting sick undeniably more probable. On the off chance that you cut out every single greasy nourishment from your eating routine, fat-solvent nutrients, for example, A, D, E and K may result in mal absorption. These nutrients are vital as they help to keep your immunity, so ailing in them could cause serious future issues.

3. It can cause dehydration

Have you at any point asked why a few eating diets, such as juicing, lead to such brisk weight reduction? This is on the grounds that you’re losing water weight – however that is not perfect for longer-term weight reduction. Glycogen stores, which are a wellspring of vitality that ties water, are drained quicker than the fat cells discharging the water. Along these lines, when you begin eating once more, your body will recharge glycogen and water store and weight addition follows. You risk dehydration accordingly, which can show with a cerebral pain and dazedness.

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4. It can harm your hair and skin quality

On the off chance that vanity’s your thing, this may persuade you to maintain a strategic distance from eating. When you go on an crash diet, you limit the measure of crucial nutrients and vitamins that your body assimilates. What’s more, this, thusly, may negatively affect your physical appearance. The absence of sustenance might be reflected in your hair, making it look dreary, drop out and by and large mirror your absence of the correct nutrition. Likewise, your skin could be left dry and you may encounter a skin inflammation breakout.

5. It can destabilize your bowels

A crash diet can likewise result in a bad stomach. On the off chance that you are not getting the correct nutrients in your eating routine, this could result in unpredictable or inconsistent bowel movements.

6. It can leave you with low energy levels

While crash diets may prompt weight reduction, the majority of this weight originates from the decrease of glycogen and water stores in the body which can result in the loss of vitality, making you feel exhausted. So also, because of the decrease of nutrients and vitamins taken in while completing a crash diet, your body is unfit to create vitality, leaving you feeling drowsy and tired.

An Alternate to CRASH Diet – SHIKHA Diet

By following a sound and adjusted, balanced eating regimen – An eating regimen that contains legitimate extents of starches, fats, proteins, nutrients, minerals, roughage and water which are important to keep up a decent well-being. You don’t need to exercise to get in shape; however it may quickens your outcomes.
As SHIKHA diet provides the best home based balanced diet, with no pills and supplements, it is best for your goals.



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